Background Color for Current File

Hi, I was wondering how one can change the background viewport colors for the current file.

I went to Tools > Options > Appearance > Color

and changed the background color there.

But it has no effect on the current file I am working on, although if I close Rhino and open a new file I do get the ‘new’ background color I chose.

Hi BabaJ- the problem is, there are two ways to change the vieport background color- in Options> Appearance> Color, and per Display Mode. So, if you make the change in the first location and there is no effect, look in the Display panel for how the background is set for the current viewport display mode.


Great…thanks Pascal.

Display mode seems to have the advantage also of being able to use it as a ‘filter’.

If you need to color ‘code’ many different lines/curves in the same layer. Display > Solid Color lets you emphasize/demphasize.

I would think being able to add to the Display > Solid Color drop down list preset colors that could be selected more quickly might be useful.

But then again one would have to make sure the different colors they initialy use for defining their different lines/curves remains consistant, otherwise one is back to ‘dialing’ up their ‘filter’.

Just some thoughts - probably getting to specific.