Avoiding gaps on surface morph

Hi all!

I used surface morph and lunchbox to adjust a reference shape on a given surface but some gaps are created between the transformed geometries. I can understand the way that happens but I have no idea how it is possible to be solved!

I would appreciate any help or advise!

Thanks in advance!

Surface morph.gh (12.8 KB)

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Try this way instead.

MeshTwistedBoxMorph.gh (19.4 KB)


Nice KIm! Thank you!

Hello @HS_Kim !

I have on more question and I have fucked up my brain with this a lot of time. How can I keep the continuity on the edges? I have tried everything I know but I can’t manage to do it.

Edge continiuty.gh (26.2 KB)

Thank you again!

You can also use Paneling tools

Surface morph_pan.gh (17.6 KB)


Unroll the facade. Make the panels on the unrolled facade (so they have continuity across the seam). Split the panels at the seam. Morph each flat facade faces panels to its corresponding actual facade face. Make a planar surface from the seam rotated half way between the two facade faces that share the edge. Trim each facade faces panels at the corner with that planar surface.

Hello Michael!
I have already made this based on previous guidance of you (thank you for that). Is this what you are talking about?

Thank you!

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Do you think you can easily reproduce the results of years of effort by renowned architects and their staff?
There’s no way I know what method was used unless I was one of them.:wink:
The corner panels seem to have been made from special GFRC mold. There are probably hundreds of different molded GFRC panels.
Anyway, check the attached example. If you can prepare one single untrimmed surface for base geometry, then you can make corner panels at the same time.

MeshTwistedBoxMorph_re.gh (35.3 KB)


Can’t tell, the image is not really clear in that detail, but if it looks right to you. Just think of it like a miter joint.

I have no words! I am just trying to gain some serious knowledge about achieving these things ( cause there is a huge gap between design - idea and construction or even modeling and I know that you already know that ). I am very happy and grateful that you guys not only have that knowledge but you are willing to help. Thank you all for your interest !

Nice idea to use unsplit surfaces, here is my version with Pufferfish.

CornerMorph_Pf.gh (13.7 KB)


You can use Paneling tools ; and projection


Hello @seghierkhaled ! Could you please provide the script file too.

Thank you!

Hello! Another way I worked on but with some failures though…

Facade_Study.gh (31.3 KB)