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Hey Hey Helpppp

I accidentally got rid of a whole work day with one single click.
No autosave file to find. Not even a 3dmbak file created.

  1. Is there anyway to retrieve one whole day of work?

  2. how to get Autosave working again? had the same issues back in v5

Thanks so much for any idea!



Same Same a year ago :confused:
this was Rhino v5
Rhino doesn’t even process Autosave

Strangely working now in another Dropbox directory:

This is the default path (not working, but administrator rights):

Very frustrating, that there is no pop-up or warning dialogue to notify something is not working properly.


No, it saves random. Have set it testwise to 1min. no further saving since last save

And in V6, they are deleted and moved to the Recycle Bin.
If you haven’t been clicking Save yourself, and updating your 3dm file, then you may be able to find a recent version in the Recycle bin.

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UHHHH @John thanks a lot! All safe! Thanks so much!!!

Maybe you could implement a note in the autosave section and an option to rule the behavior yourself, as I want to keep all Autosave files in folder and have them replace with the most recent file. But seems to disappear also to the Recycle Bin when file is saved. So maybe even the incremental save could be inplemented in this single Autosave section in options.

Concerning the autosave rhythm with big files the Recycle Bin could pile up.

thanks a lot, I can sleep like a baby now!