Autosave not working

Dear Rhino devs, I see there are a few similar topics but nothing recent. I’ve been adjusting my autosave settings to try and get them to work but it seems to be completely random whether it actually saves or not. While I save regularly, I’m doing fairly intensive operations fairly often and every now and then Rhino will crash without an error message, a crash report option, or an autosave. Is there any way to find out why this is happening and any way to get my autosave to actually do what it’s supposed to? My interval is 15 minutes, but right now it’s been an hour since my last save (yes yes, I can and do save manually most of the time) and yet there are no autosaves - zero. Any help?

Hello - are there autosave files in the Windows recycle bin?


Hi Pascal, there were, but not the ones I needed unfortunately. Is there some setting causing them to be deleted automatically?