Automatic referencing and property alteration


As Rhino Inside Revit came out, some features of it are outstandingly exciting and make you say that’s exactly the way that it should be. And yet the Archicad live connection still doesn’t have them.

More specifically:

  1. Referencing objects from Archicad is now manual. It’d be better if there was a way to say I want all the walls automatically referenced from Archicad. Something like grasshopper’s or human’s dynamic geometry pipeline.

  2. The connection so far let’s only to create and send new things to Archicad but there’s no way of changing anything that’s already there (as opposed to RiR). You should be able to to set a renovation status of the existing object rather than recreating the same thing with the property you want and ending up getting copies.

  3. The live connection is now limited to the geometric part. There should be ways of managing more meta level of things like views, layouts, publisher sets, material properties etc. etc. etc.

Is any of those a feature that can be expected anytime in the future?

Is there going to be a Rhino Inside Archicad?

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I second that, Mesrop.
So far the GH/AC connection is fairly basic and reaches its limitations quickly. I would also like to see full library integration into GH so that all the parameters of an element can be accessed/changed by GH.

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I think that you can do actually. If you go to the variable list from GH and double click any of the variables it gives the input for it.