Automatic camera target ignores points and lines


I just updated to Rhino version Version 7 SR5 (7.5.21100.3001, 2021-04-10) and from that moment the view target around which I rotate the view using my space-mouse is not being found properly anymore: When there are only points and lines activated (visible) the rotation centre is always the global coordinate origin. As soon as there is a surface or mesh then it works well again and the rotation centre is adjusted to the centre of those objects. The problem is also gone when I select items, then those items are taken to determine the camera target. As soon as I de-select everything, the view again rotates around the global origin.

To reproduce try the following:

  • Start Rhino
  • draw a point on the construction plane, close to the origin.
  • select it and move it by 1000,0,0
  • zoom extent
  • now turn the view with the space mouse.

My current experience is that the point easily flies out of the view. When I have the CPlane in sight I can see the small grey-blue ball indicating the rotation centre sitting at the origin.

As I said, when I select the point, all is good. When I draw a box (for example) near the point it’s all good. It’s only as long as I have only points or lines.

I wonder if that’s a newly introduced bug or if there is an option that triggers this behaviour that miraculously got turned on by the update.

Thanks in advance,

Hmm, this is very weird. After working a couple of hours with Rhino and other programs the problem seems gone.

For now I’d withdraw the claim --a bit puzzled. If it happens to come back I’ll report, otherwise please disregard my previous mail. I’m sorry.

Kind regards,

I checked that again and asked co-workers about their experience. The problem seems to be real. Apparently until version 7.4 it works fine, but version 7.5 and 7.6 ignore points, lines and point clouds for the purpose of determining the centre of rotation when using the space mouse.

Dear McNeel-folks, if you could check that, that would be awesome, thanks.

Kind regards,

Hi Gero -

In the past (Rhino 6), the drivers for 3DConnexion hardware shipped with Rhino. This is no longer the case and you need to make sure that you are running correct drivers for your hardware. If there are problems, you need to contact 3DConnexion about those.

Hi Wim,

all works fine as long as points are selected. If I deselect the points it’s broken. It seems unlikely to me that the 3DConn driver cares about Rhino objects being selected or not.

If you have a space mouse may I suggest you try this simple test in my first mail. Does it work for you?

Thanks, Gero.

Does the 3DConn decide all by itself about which point to rotate objects or the view? I’d expect the driver to merely deliver rotation speeds. Does the driver do the actual transformations to rotate the view?

Hi -

We don’t write the driver - you might want to ask 3DConnexion.

Hi Wim,

I understand your point.

My point is that I don’t believe the driver is the problem.


If you think, my version of the driver is the problem can you please confirm that the simple procedure I describe in my very post doesn’t show this problem on your computer?

If you have this problem as well would you then still think that it would be my problem to sort that out with 3DConnection for you?

Hi -

Nope, I don’t have a 3DConnexion device.

Wim, honestly I take this as a preliminary short comment, not the answer to the problem I described. I’m a bit disappointed, this is not like my usual experience with McNeel when I’ve got a problem with your software.

I’m describing a bug in your Rhino program. It’s not a problem with any 3rd party driver. This is unless you prove me wrong.

So please find a 3D Mouse and tell me that the little experiment I described in my first post has a better outcome on one of your computers.


Logged as RH-64033 A change in Rhino between 7.4 and 7.5 breaks automatic camera target for points and lines

I find that the automatic camera target works for say a box.

Thank you.

Hi, any updates on this problem?

I just received an update to version 7.7.21160.5001, 2021-06-09 and it’s still not working. The issue tracker you provided a link to seems to indicate that it’s been fixed some time ago.


Yes, I’ve tested this and it works for me. If I read the YT item correctly the fix will be in Rhino 7.8. You should be able to test this already using the 7.8 service release candidate by switching update frequency to service release candidate under Help > Check for updates… > Update Frequency.