AutoCAD import brings more than expected

here’s a puzzle.
I have a very simple AutoCAD drawing (although it comes from a series of more complex ones that carry the same problem), which when opened in Rhino reveals a series of lost hatches in a location far far away. When in autoCAD zoom extents looks normal as in image below.

When opened in Rhino it zooms to extent as top left view in image below. On top right view are the expected entities on bottom left the ghost hatches.

UCS-LIC-A.dwg (245.3 KB)

It’s pretty common when importing AutoCAD files to have extra junk in them

I opened and Purged it in AutoCAD 2018 and those goofy, unrelated hatches stayed in the file. SelDup in Rhino finds a stacked hatch instance too.

In Rhino I ran Purge and 2 unused annotation styles and t unused hatch patterns were removed.

Just par for the course I’m afraid.

Hi John,
Thank you. This never happened to me before this batch of files. It is also the first time that clips have been used extensively in autoCAD, has that is a variable from past experience I suspect that, but I cannot replicate.
Thanks, N