Weird projection

there is a strange projection of the hatches which are included in a block. they are ‘floating’ on another position.

I tried to change it, but the hatch seems not to be in that location. looking from top it is okay again.

can this be solved?

hmm, where is this model coming from?

I don’t know from which program the imported part is.

However I found out it has something to do with imported hatches. See att. I imported some hatches from acad, which I use for years in Rhino, always using the same hatches. I import them from a separate 3dm file which I keep on my computer. (also in the att.)

When I changed a hatch to the imported one it goes wrong.

Hope this helps finding the bug,

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test hatch.3dm (42.6 KB)

hatch.3dm (56.5 KB)

Yeah, Rhino doesn’t like AutoCAD hatches.

worked for years, my experience is autocad doesn’t like Rhino hatches.

it also has something to do with the blocks. looking forward for a solution.

Hello - so far I see the displaced hatch during a BlockEdit but it reverts when I exit BlockEdit - is that what you see? The single pixel elements of the Sand hatch are projected, the others stay put… very strange…


Hi, yes I see the same.

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