CAD (DWG) Import improvements - Leaders for example

One of the few things lacking with CAD imports is leaders. I believe it’s both multi-leaders and regular leaders; they don’t import. A work-around is to use blocks (and/or a LISP routine to generate quasi-leaders) which will import just fine.

Similar solutions were used prior to multi-leaders being added to AutoCAD; it’s not a major pain to rework my templates and LISP suite but I don’t want to bother adjusting my CAD workflow for Rhino if you guys are planning to fix this issue in Rhino 8. I would be surprised if a fix isn’t planned as aside from this, CAD (DWG) imports are near perfect.

Sorry for bumping this but an answer would really help. Am I the only one having issues importing (or rather not being able to import) AutoCAD leaders into Rhino?

Hi @keithscadservices,

Does the attached work for you?

leader test.dwg (32.3 KB)

– Dale

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Thanks for the quick reply. Those do in fact work and gave me enough insight into what was wrong. I was hoping that I was just doing something silly such as having a layer turned off but there are some import quirks. For example, a multi-leader with the leader object set to “none” won’t import (they have text by default, but there’s an advantage to using multi-leaders this way). With regular leaders, custom arrowheads don’t seem to import. No big deal as I never use regular leaders, but nice to know about it.

I wasn’t able to connect the absence of the text in the multi-leader style to them not importing as I only use them like this and have been doing that forever. I would have never guessed that was what was causing the issue.

To summarize (what I know so far): MultiLeaders without text won’t import. And regular leaders with custom arrowheads will just revert to the default arrowhead.

AutoCAD on the left, Rhino on the right:

Hi @keithscadservices,

Can you provide us a small file that contains stuff that does not import?


– Dale

And it appears that the splines are not being interpreted in the same way either… (curves look different).

It doesn’t surprise me that the arrowheads are different, this still has to do with Rhino applying a dimension style to the imported annotation objects, I don’t know how it would recognize a custom arrowhead in this case, so I guess it reverts to default…

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Here it is:

leader test 2.dwg (40.5 KB)

I can live with that since the custom multi-leader heads are retained. If I can write a code that copes with the text-less leader issue I’m back in business :slight_smile: .

One reason I like splined leaders is because most of what I do is usually straight lines; the splines are much easier to differentiate a spline than a straight leaderline. I worked with an engineer that preferred them for exactly that reason. These days I’m heading towards using a reserved color for annotations (checkout a YouTube channel called 30x40 Workshop - amazing looking drawings!).

The truth is that I should just find a way to make Rhino my exclusive CAD program. The annotations work quite well and even have some advantages over AutoCAD. But I’m just so used to the later. And also have some special customization that’s hard to live without.

And in this file it won’t import the arrowheads in these annotative styles to their correct sizes. I’ve previously used ‘quasi’ annotative objects with some success and may have to implement that here as well.
My note boxes (a “multileader” style without a leader and a text box) won’t import either.

Neither issues are big deals just FYI’s; I’m trying to make my AutoCAD standards compatible with Rhino so might as well sort these things out now.

leader test 3.dwg (43.5 KB)