AutoBolt attributes

in the attached script I have generated beams with 8 lengths and different numer of pieces for each length. All the beams should have 4 holes in their web, with 40mm from ends and 70mm distance between hole pairs.
Tekla plugin version 2022.1.14

How to solve the attribute data input to have different lines for BoltDistX “70.00 xxxx.00 70.00” ?
I have 8 different values of xxxx.00.

Is this method somehow possible or I have to duplicate the component witn inverse end point / start point input?

*** optional Tekla question 1
Beams have to be exported as NC and produced in several numbers. Can I control somehow the pieces withouth having 60 or more copies of them, and the piece number to be included in the NC file/ material list?

*** optional Tekla question 2
Other / shorter method to control the numbering? (the prelim. assembly mark UDA does not affect the assembly number - german env.)

bolt (32.0 KB)

Hi PGyZ,

I would duplicate the attribute inputs according to how many beams there are in each group, e.g. like this:

Then they will pair up correctly. Notice the grafting and flattening.

You could also unflatten the plugin input with the beam tree as a guide, and graft the attributes:

The difference is that this will make the Component component run several times, once for each group, which can be a bit slower.

For the NC and numbering questions I’m afraid I don’t have the answer, if no-one on this forum knows you could check with helpdesk or the Tekla forums.



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Hi, if I remember correctly it’s only possible if you edit the drawings and lists manually. Tekla numbers what’s in the model. Maybe there is an option in the latest version that I’m not aware of.

A trick I used once to control the numbering spatially was to add a custom UDA with a number, increasing from one side of the model to the other. Then, in the numbering process parameters you can tell Tekla to order the numbering by something - including a UDA.
If I recall correctly you can also force the part/assembly number (not only the start number) if you add a - sign before the integer, but this can’t be done from GH unfortunately.


Many thanks Sebastian and magicteddy for the quick replys.

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