Bolt array Edit - Tekla Live Link

Hi everyOne!!

I’m trying to edit some referenced plates in Tekla using Grasshopper modifying their boundary curve, the problem is that the plates have holes, and I’ve to modify the bolt positions too, I can get the holes by extracting the plate with the “get childrens” component, but I don’t know how to edit the bolts firstPosition and secondPosition in order to maintain the plates and bolts GUIDs.

Perhaps someone can Help me??

Could you share the script and internalize the data input?


Thank you very much,

I can’t internalize tekla model objects and rhino blocks data, so, I send you the script, the rhino file and the tekla Model.

I’ve simplified as much as possible, I left only 2 plates with 2 bolts each one.

Plates_to_Relocate.3dm (153.1 KB) (18.3 KB) (1.5 MB)