Auto adjust camera target after Pan and Zoom?

near the top of the page here:

that setting isn’t available in mac’s view preferences and i’m wondering what it does on windows… it sounds like a setting i’d like to tick but i’m not completely sure what it does (or if the doc is outdated etc)

thanks for info.

Hi Jeff- I was pretty sure I know what this thing does but right at the moment I am hard pressed to make a clear example. I’ll ask @mikko


That setting tries to keep the view rotation target where the objects are. If a pan or zoom operation moves the target point very close to the camera, or very far beyond the objects in the scene, the target point is automatically moved back into the scene.

hey @mikko, thanks for the explanation… so i take it it’s not necessarily paying attention to individual objects in a view and it’s more about the the dotted outline seen protruding from the camera when running _Camera -> Show?

in a way, it seems like it would make the camera behave better (or, in a way i’d personally like to see it acting at least)… can you take a look at the video in the this link to see if you think this particular setting would accomplish what i’m showing…


That’s basically what it does, but in Rhino it’s a little more conservative: the target is adjusted only if it is on the near or far side of everything visible in the viewport.

thanks- sounds interesting nonetheless… i’m going to be somewhere this weekend where they have rhino running on windows so i’ll try it out there first before i start nagging marlin to bring the pref over to mac :smile: