Auto Adjust After Pan & Zoom

Is anyone else having problems with getting Rhino to understand that when “Auto adjust camera target after pan and zoom” is unchecked in Options > View, one wants the view fulcrum to remain, limpet like, where one sets it?

I wouldn’t mind, but the nose bleeds from the high-g accelerations to the far side of my models are starting to get me down…

Hi Matt - I am not following… can you post an example or blow by blow?



I haven’t got Jing installed on here yet, so a description will have to suffice.

Working in wireframe on a model. I zoom in on a feature buried within it (hence the reason for working in wireframe) by using ZoomTarget or ZoomSelected. This initially sets the centre for rotating the view as desired. however if I scroll zoom in still further, or pan the view and then zoom in, I suddenly reach a point where Rhino decides I no longer want to focus on that feature and instead picks something something else to focus on, in the background. If that is some distance away, the zoom percentage goes nuts and I suddenly (very suddenly) find my viewpoint along way from where I thought I was/want to be. I then have to zoom out to figure out where Rhino has taken me, then ZoomSelected etc to get back where I want to be.

I can equally get this happen if I scroll zoom out from the focal point and go backwards through another object, at which point Rhino decides to focus on that object instead. If I’m unlucky enough to have zoomed backwards between isocurves or edges (so I have no clue, in wireframe, that I indeed have gone through another object) this is very disorientating as everything I was looking at suddenly swings out of view.

Unticking the “Auto adjust camera target after Pand and Zoom” seems to have no effect on my Rhino’s behaviour. If I set a point of focus using ZoomTarget, I want Rhino to retain that fulcrum, limpet-like, until I tell it otherwise or delete/hide the item in question.