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In the shapediver project dashboard, the ticket i am working on, has been allowed to embed, and global domains are added too, but that ticket is throwing an authentication failed , however other don’t, is there anything I am missing in the V3.0 of shapediver?


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If I understand correctly, embedding tickets work for other models, but not for this specific one, is that correct?

  • Can you confirm that you have checked the “Allow embedding” box in the model edit page?
  • Are you sure that you are using the “Ticket for direct embedding” and not the “Backend ticket” for this model?
  • Did you double check that the model view url is correct? There is a (slim) chance that it is different from these models than for the other ones.

If those points do not solve the issue, please send me the ticket you are using so I can investigate the issue.

That worked, I had the model view url incorrect
Thank you

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