Tickets not loading

Hey guys,

I have a recent error, my tickets are not loading,

In my shapediver dashboard and in every model, I have added the domain name to the global domains, and still they don’t load,

Althought this was not an issue, and my models were loading correctly.

I will attach a screenshot of my error in the console. and my dashboard configurations

Looking forward

Could you share the model link so we can have a closer look?

Here is the model’s link :

It seems that everytime I enter a model in my shapediver’s dashboard, the ticket gets automatically updated !

I have recently updated the models to private, but on my localhost they load with no problem

The tickets change now automatically but the embedding should work. Please double check your domain settings. Which ShapeDiver account do you use for this app?

I am using : Arque Spatial Systems (

Here are my domain settings

General Settings

Project Settings

Could you try the domain without the “www” bit?

See section “Whitelisting domains for Wix and similar services” in this article for more details:

Thank you Pavol,

removing the www made the trick