Assign material UI selection RH WIP & RH 7 difference

Hi, just a slight annoyance that might grow together with the project size.

In Rhino 7 when assigning material from the list, one doesn’t need to preselect (left-click) on the material to switch to material and then assign it.
In Rhino WIP we must left-click on the material to select it and after that right-click to bring in the menu, then assign material.

Rhino 7 follows more natural logic, just like in the Windows system.

I think the video shows it best.

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Rhino WIP material and rendering UI are getting a overhaul, so expect things to change still. That said, lets tag @maxsoder here so he can say if that change was deliberate or accidental.

Yes, this is a bug in the WIP. I created a YT issue for it.

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I have now fixed

The issue affected also Rhino Mac so the fix went into v7 also for the Mac. For Windows this fix should be in the next Rhino v8 WIP release.