New Rhino 7 material selection when creating new materials in Human/Grasshopper

I love this plugin but I’m wondering if anyone knows how to select materials in Rhino when creating a new material in Human. For example, I want my new material to be “metal” or “plastic” or “glass” per the Rhino 7 material selector. Currently when I bake from Grasshopper/Human the new material shows up as “custom” by default. I’d like to bake 100s of objects with unique materials without having to manually create them in Rhino.

All the material stuff in Human was written in like Rhino 5-6, so it uses some old APIs. Doing what you’re asking would require rebuilding a large portion of the material handling, so it’s unlikely to happen any time soon. Sorry! :confused:

Thanks so much Andrew. I still find Human to be incredibly useful as well as Treefrog. I certainly understand if you don’t when to get into this. However, I’m curious about getting into Python or C++ or something to and trying to achieve a component like I described regarding Rhino materials. I haven’t programmed since the 80s so I’d be starting fresh. Of course there are tutorials out there, but do you have any suggestions on where to start that would be more related to this specific task; or even which language would be most appropriate? Thanks.