Assign material to objects


I have some objects selected and the materials library open. I find a material, right click and “assign to selection”. The command line reports:

Command: _-AssignMaterialToObjects Command: _Pause Text: 9B8B34EC-24BC-4E2E-AC5F-F035407587EC
@andy As this appears to just be calling a macro, methinks it should have a NoEcho or something to keep it from reporting that to the command line… If anything needs to be reported, it’s maybe just how many objects the material was applied to…

Thanks, --Mitch

(Andrew le Bihan) #2

Mitch - thanks. That’s a bug in SR9, right?

  • Andy


Yep, I have the latest and greatest installed…  --Mitch

(Andrew le Bihan) #4

@johnc - this is for you.

(John Croudy) #5

This is fixed in V5 trunk.