Rhino Material Editor


I could not find the rhino Material Editor…

(Brian James) #2


Which version of Rhino are you using? If you have a specific render plugin you are trying to use that will also determine what material and environment editors you have access to.



Thank you for your answer.

I am using Rhino 4.
When I type MaterialEditor nothing happens.
So, I do not have the default MaterialEditor that the program has.

Any ideas???

(Brian James) #4


It sounds like you are just missing the RDK plugin for Rhino 4 which provided a material editor http://wiki.mcneel.com/labs/rendererdevelopmentkit10

I would suggest using Rhino 5 instead though which will have these tools by default in their most recent versions. You can have the eval of Rhino 5 on your machine without removing Rhino 4.