Assembly version conflict


I was creating a Grasshopper plug-in using Visual Studio without any other NuGet packages. I was using Rhino 6.24 but I downgraded to 6.12 to enable more compatibility and currently I’m getting this error messages about assembly version conflict. Any idea how can I solve this please? Thank you.

I think u have to use 6.12 grasshopper.dll as well ! check that dll version.

So do I need to uninstall Rhino 6.24 and install Rhino 6.12 or can I just reference the grasshopper.dll 6.12 somehow?

yes, its better to reinstall Rhino 6.12 again.

If I download grasshopper.dll 6.12 as a NuGet package could it work?

yes but u may encounter another problems

Remove references to Rhinocommon and Grasshopper and add both of them using NuGet.

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Thank you @bahman.farshbaf and @Dani_Abalde I’ve downloaded both as NuGet packages and it works, I hope :sweat_smile: