Grasshopper NuGet package version mismatching

Grasshopper NuGet package in version 7.14.22010.17001 is actually carrying 7.14.22010.17000 assembly files.

(first noticed through checking .dll file properties)

(inspected and confirmed through dotPeek)

This is causing errors when developing Grasshopper tools with the Grasshopper nuget package:

I notice there has been a few posts about similar situation, with Grasshopper & RhinoCommon packages.

Actually… I think my Grasshopper.dll error is beyond this discrepancy.

The error is consistent when I have replaced the reference to local Rhino 7 installation path, therefore showing a different error (with version 17001).


All I am trying to do is initiating a GH_RhinoScriptInterface object:

GH_RhinoScriptInterface Script = new GH_RhinoScriptInterface();

My references are set as shown below, all with CopyLocal to false:

    <Reference Include="Eto" HintPath="$(Rhino7InstallDir)Eto.dll" Private="False" />
	<Reference Include="Eto.Wpf" HintPath="$(Rhino7InstallDir)Eto.Wpf.dll" Private="False" />
	<Reference Include="RhinoCommon" HintPath="$(Rhino7InstallDir)RhinoCommon.dll" Private="False" />
	<Reference Include="Rhino.UI" HintPath="$(Rhino7InstallDir)Rhino.UI.dll" Private="False" />
	<Reference Include="GH_IO" HintPath="$(Rhino7PluginsDir)Grasshopper\GH_IO.dll" Private="False" />
	<Reference Include="Grasshopper" HintPath="$(Rhino7PluginsDir)Grasshopper\Grasshopper.dll" Private="False" />

Any suggestions? Thank you.

After looking into it more, I notice I am relying on RhinoInside nuget package to resolve the Rhino assemblies, however it only resolves/ loads the .dll files under RhinoSystemDirectory, but the Grasshopper.dll locates else where. I think I will make a custom Assembly loader for Grasshopper.dll and perhaps call it GrasshopperInside? (or perhaps an extension to RhinoInside usage would be more elegant)

Anyway, I am answering my own problem/ error from my end, meanwhile the NuGet package version discrepancy is still a problem.