Problem with a higher version than referenced assembly 'RhinoCommon' for Grasshopper

Problem with PlanktonGh in Visual Studio (Grasshopper Component)
In my view, it is because the RhinoCommon is older; however, I still could not find the RhinoCommon new version.

Please help me with this problem.

In some function like “.ToPlankTonMesh()” or “.ToRhinoMesh()”, It said that

"Assembly ‘‘PlanktonGh’ Version, Culture = neutral, PublicKeyToken = null’ uses ‘RhinoCommon’, version = 5.1.30000.16, Culture =neutral, PublicKeyToken=552281e97c755530’ which has a higher version than referenced assembly ‘RhinoCommon’ with identify ‘RhinoCommon’ , Version=5.1.30000.13, Culture=neutral, PublicToken=552281e97c755530’ "

I have try to download RhinoCommon SDK and installed it. Still nothing change.


   public MeshGrowthSystem(Mesh startingMesh)
        ptMesh = startingMesh.ToPlanktonMesh();

    public Mesh GetRhinoMesh()
        return ptMesh.ToRhinoMesh();

I expect to find the way to cope with this problem. (Something like the way to update RhinoCommon version)

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