Problem with "Artistic" display mode

Looking for some advice. I am trying to use the “Artistic” display mode and I am not getting the correct display. When I set the display mode to “artistic” using the default settings my model is completely silhouetted. See the attached image file. Can anyone give me some advice on how to correct this, or change the settings to get the correct display? Thanks.

Rhino 5 SR8 in Windows 7

Please post a screenshot of the settings on Rhino Options - View - OpenGL page.
That should have the details we need.


Thanks for looking at this John. Attached screenshot.

That’s as I thought and bad news. You are running through Windows virtualization under OSX. That is not a supported system. Vitualization can not supply adequate OpenGL support, so features like the OpenGL based Artistic display mode will not work.

If your Mac is a hybrid with an AMD or Nvidia graphics chip, then you can use the Bootcamp assistant to partition you drive, install and update Windows, and install Rhino. It will be much faster and much more reliable. You will have a dual boot OSX/Windows system.

It’s on the bottom of the “Not supported” section:

Thanks for the help John.