Arrowhead Size - RH5 RH6


If there is a way please point me in the right direction, since i couldn’t find a solution to setting a size for the arrowhead command.

The least it could do is scale up according to curve width settings, or according to linetypes or even to be able to give it some dimension whether screen or workspace within the command itself.

Otherwise what is the purpose of this command - maybe i misunderstand it?

Here images of the way it is working but shouldn’t (applies to both RH5 and RH6):

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As far as I can tell, they work as advertised…

From the help file:

The arrowhead size cannot be changed.

I really don’t know. Someone needed them at some point and it became a command. They were designed to stay the same size on the screen like dots. If you are feeling adventurous, there is a setting called CRhinoAppAppearanceSettings::m_direction_arrow_icon_head_size in the c++ sdk that controls the size in pixels.

If you ask me, chances of this getting changed into something else are rather slim so you might want to look into using leaders without text for what you need.

Hi wim,

I am aware of the quoted sections/pages etc. I am also aware of leaders.

Do you know a way of drawing curved leaders?

Then indeed there is a solutions and no need for that command.

Draw a leader, explode it, rebuild as degree3.

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As Chris says.
Also, curved leaders are WIP in RH6.

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That’s good news :wink:

When you print it in pdf. control + p. You will have the chance to change the size of the arrowhead.

Hope this is useful.