ARROW with a CROSS, rhino 5

Hi everyone,
it s the first time it happens but basically when i try to draw anything, line, surface, solids ecc… i have a cross below the arrow, that doesn t allow me to do any comand. Only if I am in wireframe vieport I can draw lines but if they are linked with one edge to the 3d model, so not randomly (Grid snap or ortho or planar ecc do not look connected with this problem).

If I move the geometry to another file, I can see same problem.

hope you can help me to solve this. Thank you

Hi Francesco - Is this plain Rhino, or do you have some plug-in running in Rhino by any chance?


No, this is without plug in, i just have v ray but not using now.
The problem it can be from the geometry cause I imported the file form sketchup and I had to work with converting meshes