Unable to us drawing tools - red circle with stash instead of cursor

Hi, I have Rhino 7 for Windows.
I imported a simple drawing from STP. I checked the object mass volume, dimensions, etc. There seems to be no problem with the object. I wanted to draw a solid (cylinder) in the layer that the object is in but was prevented by rhino. After choosing my cylinder and moving the cursor over to the perspective view field, the cursor turned into a red circle with slash line.

Why is this happening? I tried other actions. Creating For instance, I was able to explode and move the surfaced around. I did a workaround by opening another Rhino and copying the object to that Rhino session. No problem after that. But, that would be inconvenient on a more complicated construction.

Later I tried to play around. I went to Top view, created a cube and then went back to perspective. It worked. Then I tried to again create something in perspective. Rhino wouldn’t let me. Non of the menus worked.

Hi , what to bump this as it happened again.

Hi -

You only posted a picture of a screen and, as such, it’s only possible to answer very generally to that question. If you’d provide your 3dm file and a clear description of what you are trying to do, it’d be easier to give you any specifics.

Generally, that is happening because the active CPlane in that viewport is at an angle that you can’t project your point input onto.