Drawings in rhino

I use rhino in my university for the last six months.
I have a good background in AutoCAD and Revit.
I am really excited about its modeling capabilities.
But I have neither one full successful attempt to produce 2d drawings.
In every case, I am able to find one or more mistakes.
In parallel and in perspective projections.
When I use clipping boxes the solid fill doesn’t work at all. So it produces hidden lines as visible.
But even without clipping planes, there are always missing lines or extra lines.
If I reference a rhino file in another with the link only option I found more mistakes.
I also tried to print with vector output and the results were worse.
The better workflow until now is to transfer model in revit which is very time consuming, and also has limitations with complex objects.
Autocad flatshot also doesn’t work good but its layout tools work much better. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with perspective views. I also get a student license from brickscad and seems to work better than AutoCAD.
I have the latest rhino 6 version but I have also tried rhino 7 without any visible improvements.
I don’t know if plugins like visualarq are able to produce better drawings, and I don’t know if their tools work with all rhino objects.
Anyway, how do you produce drawings?

Hi -

Please start a new thread for each of the issues that you are running into. Always provide a sample 3dm file that shows the issue and the outcome of the Rhino SystemInfo command.
That said, Rhino’s primary strengths are not about creating drawings. Each new version has improvements, but as long as you also have access to Revit or BricsCAD, it’s probably still more productive to take your model into one of these to create drawings. Note that you can also use Rhino inside Revit and Grasshopper in BricsCAD.

The best way to find out if that works for you is by trying it out: Download - VisualARQ.