Arrow keys

Is it possible to change the behavior of the keyboard arrow keys? That is when I press the left arrow key the screen pans left and similar for the other directions.

by default, you can press option + arrow keys to pan in a parallel projected viewport or orbit in perspective… (and arrow keys by themselves to nudge a selection)

to reverse this behavior, go Preferences -> Modeling Aids -> Nudge…
and check the button ‘Option + arrow keys’ to nudge.

That is how I have it set up. If I’m in top down view and I press the Left Arrow Key the work surface moves to the left but my perspective moves to the right. I understand the paradigm here, its like pushing a piece of paper to the left, revealing more of what is on the right side. This is the kind of behavior that is natural on a touch pad, or a drawing pad.

I would like it so that when I press left the my perspective pans left and if I press right my perspective pans right. To me this is more natural when using a keyboard.

oh… ok. i see what you’re saying.
thing is, the arrow keys aren’t panning while in perspective and instead they are rotating the view (in which case, they act the same way as the right-mouse-button orbiting does-- rmb to the left and the view rotates clockwise.)…

if you want to pan the perspective view via the arrow keys, you have to hold the shift key at the same time (again, same thing if you’re using a mouse for navigation)

I think there is a little confusion in how I am explaining things. I am just talking about the 2D views (top, left, right, front).

When I press the Left Arrow key everything moves to the left revealing what is to the right. You could also think about this as my perspective (not perspective view) is moving to the right. The paradigm is that of a piece of paper. I slide the paper to the left revealing what is on the right.

This is backwards from say viewing a webpage or a text document. On a webpage, when I press the Left Arrow key my view (my perspective) goes to the left. That is the page scrolls to the left and what was not visible on the left comes into visibility.

So basically when I press the Left Arrow key I just want to scroll to the left and the Right Arrow key scrolls to the right. Same for up and down.

In Mac OS X 10.9 the default behavior of the trackpad is the same as Rhino. When I slide my fingers up the pad the page scrolls down and when I slide down the page scrolls down, just like I am pushing or pulling the page. This is fine for touch pads and the like, it just feels backwards for me when I am using the keyboard. So I was hoping there would be a way to change this behavior. I disabled this behavior on my computer, so when I slide my fingers up the track pad the webpage scrolls up and if I slide my fingers down the pad the page scrolls down. Left and right are similar.

ha… yeah… talking about perspective had me thinking about the perspective viewport as there’s different behavior in that one versus the others.

but i know what you’re saying now… basically, if you push the right arrow, you want it as if your eyes move to the right instead of the objects/page moving to the right… is that correct?

there isn’t a setting in rhino to do that… there’s possibly a key binding utility which could do this for you (and maybe even keep it application specific) but i don’t know one off the top of my head… (i have betterTouchTool which i tried to do this in but it only works for either left or right… if you set both to do the opposite, nothing happens because it acts as if you’re pressing the left and right key at the same time… maybe check out Keyboard Maestro?)

to get this ability as a rhino preference, @marlin would have to make that decision…

Its not too big of a deal. Just have to get used to it, though it is a bit disorientating when switching between apps.

when osx first added the ios style scrolling, i (like you and many others) didn’t like it… with the drawing apps though, the setting made it act like you’re describing and seriously, you’re the first person i’ve seen that actually wants it that way :smile:

at first, the apps (sketchup for sure and iirc, rhino too) had a preference to allow someone to control this but it led to so much confusion and again, not one person i ever read wanted it that way, that they eliminated the setting entirely and made the apps only navigate the way they do currently (the way they were before lion(?) )

idk, if i’m in a browser, i want it to act like the way you describe -> scroll down and my eyes move down… if i’m in a 3D app though, i want it to act the way rhino acts which puts the controls on the objects instead of my eyes…

it’s not disorienting at all to switch between a browser and rhino even though the navigation is opposite and both environments feel completely normal/natural to me… but maybe it’s just because i’m so used to it.