How to change arrow key direction

Im wondering how i can change the arrow key direction to go the opposite way than what the default is?
As i am used to them being the opposite way, ive put up with it now for a while though it does drive me a bit nuts.


Hi Sean,

The arrow keys on the keyboard are the same direction as Windows Rhino. Can you explain more about how you are using them and when they went the other way?

It’s a long shot, but is the view of the model maybe upside down?

Hey Brian,

What i was meaning is, you know when you are looking at the screen and you push the left arrow key and the screen goes right? And then when you push the right arrow key the screen goes left? Well i wanted to set it so when you push the left key the screen goes left.

This is how i use the arrows on my computer normally, so having them backwards is hard to get the hang of.

Ive looked in all the normal places where this might be controlled but ive had no luck. If you could shed some light that would be great.

Well, there are two ways of looking at this…

  1. When you push the arrow, the objects appear to move in the direction of
    the arrow, the viewer in the opposite direction

  2. When you push the arrow, the viewer appears to move in the direction of
    the arrow, the objects in the opposite direction

Both are valid approaches… depends on your “point of view”, I guess…


Exactly Mitch. You wouldnt know how to change these settings would you??

Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a way yet in Rhino…


I see Sean, I don’t believe there is a way to change the direction of the arrow keys however.

I’m usually quite happy navigating around the model with my mouse. What I’d really like to be able to do is change the arrow keys to shortcuts for something else completely, say to quickly change to other views. But it seems the arrow keys are not changeable in the Keyboard shortcut menu.
Sorry, bit off topic hey :confused:

well, there is an alternate function available via arrow keys… not what you’re wanting but maybe something you find more useful than navigating with them…


you can move your model in pre-determined increments…

the setting is at Rhinoceros-> Preferences-> Modeling Aids -> Nudge

my setup as shown above let’s me move in 1/8" increments along the cplane’s X or Y axis with the arrow keys (it also keeps track of the overall move… if i push up arrow five times, it will move 5/8" on Y and tell me i’ve moved 1/4")

if i push cmmd + arrows, i get 1/16" nudges… with shift key, it’s 1/2" moves.