Nudge key mapping for vertical displacement

With the Nudge set to arrow keys only (not Option+arrows) the arrow keys work as advertised for X and Y; for Z movement it’s fn+arrows (up/down). (In Windows it’s PageUp/PageDown to move in Z, but these keys don’t exist on a Mac keyboard)

As in Windows, there are also 3 different distance values possible for nudge: arrow only, shift+arrow or ctrl+arrow. These work as advertised in the X and Y directions as well, but fn+shift+arrow does not use the shift+arrow nudge setting and move the object in Z, instead it zooms the viewport… Oversight?


Well on my wired keyboard I have Page Up / Page down, on wireless keyboard without extended number pad, I believe you use you Fn (lower left) + up or down arrow for page up & down.

Still seems like a lot of keyboard combinations to nudge. I now just use Gumball and enter like .01 or .001 in whatever axis I need. Never used the nudge keys though. I do work in MM 99% of the time.

Let me know if that works, because my wireless keyboard is in my desk drawer and I use my wired one. I can check at home tonight. Just installed Rhino & Yosemite beta to test.

Bonne journée … Randy

Just saw the FN+arrows for Z-axis. Just playing with nudge here While WinRhino renders.


While it’s rendering, re-read my post… :smile: It’s maybe not totally clear. What I’m saying is that fn+shift+arrow does not work as it should. I have a “wired” keyboard, but no page up/down keys because it’s “wired” to a mac portable…

My Windows Computer is doing Flamingo renders, so I cannot check there, is what I meant.

Now on my wired keyboard and my iMac, Fn+Shift+Up or down arrows does not function as it should.

Here, when I use that keyboard combination, it zooms in my view when done in perspective viewport.

Now if I hold Fn+Shift+Cmd and then hit up or down arrow, it rotates my perspective view.

Nothing happens in any other viewport (top, front or right)


The Apple keyboard that has a numeric keypad also has Page Up, Page Down, Home, and End keys. On a keyboard without a numeric keypad, fn-Up Arrow is the PageUp key and fn-Down Arrow is Page Down. See

There is a Rhino keyboard shortcut for Shift-PageUp; it is Zoom Lens In. On the Mac, these were being handled before the arrow key nudge actions were handled and this prevented Shift-PageUp from working as a nudge command. This will be fixed in the next WIP release.