Array help warp

I am hoping someone can help me with a problem I am having.

I am trying to array a leaf shape around a curve but I am getting a warp towards the end of the curve.
Is there a better way of tackling this problem.

I have attached the file.

Also I am looking for a way to create the same arrayed pattern going from small too large. what is the tool to create this?

forum question.3dm (11.3 MB)

Hi Alex - this is what I get -

i.e. the base and target curve lengths do not match…


Is there any way you could attach the upated file?

Is that using array curve?

Hi Alex - use Flow.


Perfect thank you pascal.

Last question I am trying to create this effect. Is there a way where I can go from large to small without manually resizing each leaf.


Hi Alex - use Taper on the input objects.