Array different curves along a curve with spec measurment

Hey guys!

I need help to array maybe 200 different curves along one single curve with 70mm space inbetween. Anyone know how to?

Hi @wilhelm.broman,
Do you mean you want to array 3 rectangles, 200 times along one curve?
Can you share the file?

A bit more complex than that. I’ve got a client with a old design. I can only get .dxf’s of the curves and not the cad-files. And I need to rebuild the design.

array_test.3dm (3.0 MB)

Hello - is this at all close?

array_test_Maybe.3dm (104.0 KB)


Also, Flow instead of array?
DA_array_test.3dm (173.8 KB)

Can’t open your file because you’ve got an newer version of rhino, i’m on Rhino 5. Could you maybe save in older version? Can see a small preview thou and it looks right :slight_smile:

Exactly like that, what command?

Hello - see how this works-

  1. Scale1D your row of curves by snapping the base point to and end point at one end of the row and the first reference point snapping to the corresponding corner of the next curve in the set. Type in 70 and Enter - that will set all the curves to be spaced at 70. Probably easiest to do this in Perspective.

  2. Flow with Rigid=Yes, PreserveStructure=Yes Stretch=No and the Line option for setting the base curve -snap to corresponding corners on the first and last curves in the array. Choose the curvey curve as the target curve.


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Thank you so much Pascal!