Array along curve

Hi, Just wondering how to array the blue lines. i have tried arrcrv but doesn’t really work.

In this case you can use Loft and Extractisocurve like this:

in this case i would rather use Sweep2, with the option add slashes with osnaps perpendicular turned on, to get an evenly oriented distribution of the isocurves, followed by Rebuild with a decent number to equalise the distances of the isocurves. then us ExtractIsocurve

@vespa_130 ArrayCrv will not function because it will of course only take one curve into account. it might work if you trim the overlapping curves off but that will be in any matter unequal so better use ExtractIsocurve with any method you may arrive there.

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thanks for the response,i really appreciate it. probably i haven’t explained my self that well i am trying to array the arrow and the rectangle.

if you are seeking for help why not adding all information first?

before anybody guesses further, can you explain what you are aiming to do with this information, that appropriate suggestions can me made. and most of all pls elaborate your wishes completely that will help preventing people from waisting their helpful time.

you can still use orient after you extracted the curves. that will be a manual job. for anything more automated you can use TweenCurves with one step, that will generate you an averaged middle line, then use array curve on that.

you can use GH definition to create a similar result with tweenCurves and ShiftItem.

thanks Runnie. it worked :slight_smile: