Array Along Curve with Changing Profile

Hi. I am trying to add curves where my window joints would be. However the geometry has lots of curvature, so the profile of the curve changes across the geometry. Is there a way to get evenly space curve profiles across the geometry?

Thank you!

CurveProfileProblem.3dm (1.4 MB)

If I understand what you’re after (that’s a BIG if), perhaps Paneling tools would be useful for this.

if you dont want to mess with a plug in you could consider also the following: use Divide on one of the edges of the surface either upper or lower, then you choose a raster which you want in amount of points, or you make a point and use ArrayCrv there you get the option to chose either amount or distance between the points. now you just use ExtractIsocurve choose the direction you want and click on the points where you want to have windows. the same in the other direction you may not need too many there.

Thank you both for your help!