Arrange height values into different layers [Grasshopper]

I would like to know if is it possible to arrange my values (using integer node) to get my outcome into different layers. I would like to apply different materials in Keyshot and it would be a great time saving if I have them into layers.

I hace 5 different values that I would like to apply 5 different materials in KS.

Thanks so much, I leave the file attached. (32.5 KB)

Try to use Human plugin… (40.2 KB)
But, they are just rhino materials. so, you can replace color per layer with new materials in Ketshot.

Wow, that looks complex, thanks so much

I tried to use your file.
I copied human plugin within my component folder in Grasshopper for mac.

This happens:

Are you using mac or pc?

I’m using pc. Did you unblock the human.gha and restart rhino?

what do you mean with “unblock”

Search “Ublock .gha”

Have no idea how to do it on mac.

I search and its not locked . It is a shame cause now I got to see almost all the GH file. Just can not bake it.

I can see almost all and even the colors, but the node to bake its gone…
So frustrating, f*** mac.

Check Human tab–>Creation–>Bake Geometry. Then probably you can find old bake component. Just replace it.

You are right thanks so much! I am trying to figure it out in your print screen what is connected to the parameter “geometry” (bake component) ? I am having a hard time reading the lines in the print screen.

EDIT: Figure it out. THANKS SO SO MUCH