Layers from Rhino in grasshopper


i created things in grasshoper and now every production should get the right layer in grasshopperand later in rhino after one bake. Every layer in need is there in Rhino. Can someone show me the right way to finish that?

Thanks for your help.

I use “Object Bake” from LunchBox. FabTools also has an “Advanced Bake” component.

i also try it with the object bake from luchBox but it does´t work can you show me how it works in grasshopper? :roll_eyes:

I’ve included two examples in the file attached. (16.2 KB)

thank you, it works, but now i have to bake a group with the layer and it doesn´t works

Can you share your gh file? If so, be sure to internalise any reference geometry first.

Podest (38.2 KB)

In this case, I think its best to use Bake Geometry from Human.

Podest (39.3 KB)

Ok, thank you very much