Bake to Layer - Python Component

Hey guys,

I am used to visual coding with Rhino Grasshopper. However, I would like to extend my knowledge and start to create custom Python components. I am completely new to this topic and come with a small challenge.
I have set up this little tool that takes a curve and a height and develops a brep that it bakes to a not yet existing layer. Is it possible to write this in a Rhino component so that i only have one box? The issue is I must have a multiple of this components, because I am setting up a building-floor to layer baking workflow. However, I might have 10 floors with 10 different curves and 10 different floor heights that I have to bake to 10 different layers. If i copy this group 10 times things will get chaotic I suppose.

Anyone any ideas? Or perhaps a general feedback if it is even wise to copy paste anything at all?

Looking forward to your help.

Max (12.2 KB)

It looks like a great opportunity to use a cluster!

The title of this thread got my attention as it is similar to this one:

In theory yes, but I want to set up a template I(very big) and this is a small feature. However, it might be that i need the cluster 20 times, sometimes just once or twice. I am not really a fan of a canvas with too many objects and I have seen that there are components where you can just “add” an input when you zoom in enough. I imagine that i have a box that allows for a set of breps on a layer (so two inputs, besides the bake toggle), but that I could just extend that component by adding inputs and it automatically nows how to handle those. You now what I mean?

Understood, although I’m not sure a Python component would give the flexibility you would like to have. When adding parameters, the scripts will have to be modified to handle them to the best of my knowledge.
I don’t like repeating components either and in this kind of situation, I tend to group the parameters into lists and use the ability of Grasshopper to process them sequentially. If a parameter is the same for the whole list, I just repeat it as necessary.

I’ve attached an example of what it could look like. (14.2 KB)