Text field (Area Function Units Change)

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Does anyone know the syntax or if it is possible to change the model units in the Area Function in the text field function. Current Syntax below, but can’t find a way to either change the model units or to multiple or divide the output so it changes from millimetres to Metres

Area =%<area(“816e993b-b964-4552-be79-043ac7dbf35d”)>%

For those who don’t know who are interested in learning more about text fields (only found them today myself) http://docs.mcneel.com/rhino/5/help/en-us/information/text_fields.htm


@dale do you know if this is possible?

This is not currently possible in text fields.

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we are just having the same problem and I am wondering if there has been any progress/workarounds available.

drawing in cm needing to automate area output in meters.

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Would also like this.

Hi - note that this is now possible in the Rhino 7 WIPs: