Text Field Alternate Units

I’m wondering if there is any way to get a text field to report units other than the document units. For example: I’m trying to add a bunch of area tags to some polygons. The file units is ‘millimeters’ but I want the area field to report in ‘meters’. I’ve tried screwing around with the dimensions styles, but with no luck. Is there anyway of doing this without changing the drawing units to ‘meters’?


Hi - In Rhino 7 you can change the units for the Area text field:
(and you can also use math operations in the text fields…)

Well that’s exactly what I need…but is there any way of doing this in 6? I’m hesitant to roll everyone over to a WIP that’s working on this same project.

Hi - In Rhino 6 there’s nothing out-of-the-box that will provide this for you.

@pascal wrote a python script, though, that lets you modify existing DimArea text fields. It will add the area in alternate units of your choice to the existing area in document units. If you need to get rid of the area in document units, you can manually remove that afterwards.

An alternative to this would be to use a simple Grasshopper definition like this: