Are the Icons for the Dark theme complete, or still WIP?

I’ve customized my RH 7 and really like most of my choices. I’ve made a few custom icons, but use mostly the Rhino Icons. I just installed WIP8 on my work machine and the icons seem thick and fuzzy when in dark mode. Is the icon pack in WIP8 finished, or are they placeholders? For reference. My 7 UI and WIP8 below.

They’re still WIP. Today’s WIP (just released) has a bunch of changes to the dark mode icons. I think we’re about 80-90% happy with them. Up next is a bunch of work to manually tweak the last 10-20% of the icons to look nice in dark mode.

It doesn’t seem that WIP is available to me yet for me to check out. I don’t understand enough about how this is done, so I assume as this progresses, the fuzzy edges/blurry look I get will become tighter and clear like in RH7.

Is there a link somewhere that details what each new feature in WIP8 does?

Here’s what the current WIP looks like. It’s not like your screenshots above:

There are a few icons that need adjustment, but this is the general style we’ve chosen.

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I am glad that I’m not in the dark mode club because the readability of those icons is horrible. This gray fuzz around black contours doesn’t do the job unfortunately.

In some reasonable buttons size (22) icons are very hard to read.

Many icons with black contour lines are hard to read and at the same time white Curve buttons are very bold and thick.

Cplanes buttons are one of the least succesfull in dark mode.
cplane icons

These are also bad. Both white and black contour points are difficult to read.

Maybe 4k monitor would help a little, I don’t even want to think how they look in 1080p.

I know that every color means (or used to mean) something in icons, maybe these colors should be adjusted parametrically somewhere in the advanced settings and user should adjust palette of used colors?

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Many people here like to bash Autodesk & Revit. Funny that both Rhino and Revit 2024 will have long awaited dark themes at the same time. I’m curious who will implement it better.

Readability is fine and icons look nice in my opinion, getting a bit of lag tho when switching toolbar tabs. Especially noticable when clicking the render-tab for some reason.

If that is what they will look like on my screens that a massive improvement. Some of them look great. However, for my eyes, I would like a color differentiation between the “points” and “lines” in the curve icons. e.g. My AutoCAD icons that have the white lines and blue points.


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Looks like we have consensus :wink:

But you’re happy with the lack of differentiation in light mode? The points actually have blue centers in dark mode in Rhino. I agree those AutoCAD icons work well. And that may be a bit too divergent from our light-mode set to be feasible. I’ll ponder more.

I’m on (8.0.23101.16305, 2023-04-11). The icons are fuzzy in all modes. But less to my eyes in light mode. I’m also not so sure about the new thick border. I’m assuming this would be adjustable in the new advances settings? It adds a cartoon feel to me.

Just updated to (8.0.23108.14305, 2023-04-18), no improvement in the fuzziness. Definitely does not look great like the image you posted.

If it helps, I’m on two Dell U3014 30" monitors at 2560x1600. VCard is nVidia GTX1060 6GB out to Displayport.

Yep, we’re still tracking both of these.

Updated to the release from yesterday on my main machine and laptop. Icons are still fuzzy in all modes. Laptop has nVidia 2070 and 27" external monitor. I do have some color customizations, and toolbars I created, but I don’t see how that could be the problem since everything looks great in V7 on the same hardware.