Archicad/Rhino live connection_ How to choose surface of openings (windows and doors) in Grasshopper?

I’m using archicad/ rhino live connection and I wonder how can I choose the surface of an opening. With deconstructing a wall I can choose surface of a wall, but not the opening area.

Does anyone know how to solve this Problem?

Thank you!


here is the not super-clean solution…

It seems there is no way (or i dont know it yet) to extract dimensions from AC_Window, so it has to be redone in GH.

Anyway here is the definition attached.
Just Set Walls and Set Windows at the very beginning…


Used versions: AC 21, RH 6, Gh 1.0, GH-AC connection (6002)

Wall - (152.7 KB)

Hi @Jakinta
Thank you very much for your help. It is really helpful and works nice :slight_smile:

Cheers, Noora

I had the same issue and also build a workaround in GH. It’s actually not very satisfying that the dimension of the opening is not directly accessible via extraction, I feel. I think your script is a lot cleaner than mine :wink: