Detect multiple surfaces inside 1 surface



There are 2 lists

List A: represent walls
List B: represent openings

Question: I would like to ‘identify’ which openings are inside a wall surface.
The collision component does it álmost correct.
But unfortunately, when there are more openings inside 1 wall it only returns the ‘first’ opening.

Any suggestion how I can automatically ‘identify’ áll openings inside a wall surface?

2021-11-09 identify multiple openings inside 1 (17.3 KB)

(surface item ‘3’ is not identified)

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Oh, hello again surface openings guy

ps looks like you are completing some kind of a grasshopper test, huh?

Ahh perfect, thanks!
What is the name of that component? :sweat_smile:
Haha just making my life easier by making holes using GH :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

“Clash” is the name of the component.
You are welcome!

Ahh thanks.
I just had a look, but unfortunately I don’t have the ‘clash’ component.
Is it part of a plugin? (color of component looks also different).

Or do you have a suggestion how it could be done in another way using standard GH component?

thanks again! :slight_smile:

Oh, that component was featured in rhino 7:)

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If you swap your inputs, you can get what you want…

2021-11-09 identify multiple openings inside 1 (18.1 KB)

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