Trim Surface and Replace with Window or Door


(Abbie Jane) #1

Hi all, I’m very new to Grasshopper and in need of your advice please.

I have defined a large commercial building/‘shed’ with variable roof type and bays, optional lean-tos and individual walls that can be added or removed.

I’m looking for a way to list all possible walls so that a user may select a wall to trim and replace with a custom sized window or door (basic rectangles are all that is needed). We will require the ability to add an unlimited number of windows and doors in Shapediver’s API.

I have attached the file and apologise if it burns your eyes! Any pointers would be gratefully received.

Portal (224.4 KB)

(P1r4t3b0y) #2


Try this! You can select each facade portion individually and add windows and/or doors.

Portal (240.6 KB)

(Abbie Jane) #3

Thank you so much - this will be a huge help!