Gh preview surfaces not opaque with rhino geometry


I’ve been developing a little definition lately to help me out when drawing plans, but parametrically with multi-lines and space areas and tags etc. It’s working pretty well so far and I have it to the point that I can draw quite freely on named views with set cplanes over multiple levels.

A problem I’m running into however seems to be with the display relationship between rhino and grasshopper geometry. For most other things this may not be a problem, but for this specific purpose it’s getting in the way of the functionality of the definition.
I have gh surfaces (as per the first image in green) that represent the floor and hide out the floor under, this works fine with the gh geometry but for some reason the rhino source crv’s that I’m using to generate the walls and into the definition via geometry pipeline components is showing through even over a custom preview.

You can see how this can become quite confusing when I’m trying to draw in plan and on a floor level above; and information from the floor below is leaking through and making it difficult to tell what is going on. I would like the plan to remain ‘live’ in the sense that I don’t want to have to bake the geometry just to get around this issue.

(i’ve attached the full definition although you probably don’t need it to understand the problem)

Any help would be appreciated! (94.0 KB)

Hi Piers -

I’m not sure if I understand the issue, and this definition sadly doesn’t help because nothing is internalized (and several 3rd party plug-ins have been used that I don’t have):

I couldn’t find any Custom Preview components in your file:

In a quick test here, the Rhino geometry is blocked by Grasshopper geometry that is displayed with a Custom Preview component:

Please post a simple file that shows the issue and make sure all geometry is either internalized, or, if that is necessary to demonstrate the issue, provide a 3dm file with the referenced geometry.