Archicad Live Parameter Extract

I am an archicad user from NZ and have played around with the grasshopper-AC link which is a powerful tool for AC users.

What I am interested in however, is the process by which grasshopper can access and manipulate parameters of selected objects in realtime from outside of AC. Obviously the ‘GH-AC link’ add-on provides this functionality but these parameters are currently only adjustable using the nodes available within the GH system.

Where am I going with this? Well my biggest issue with archicad objects is that as complex as they can be, we are limited to a tiny UI window to make changes and input parameters. Anyone who has used cadimage windowbuilder will understand how many dropdown menus and submenus you have to go through to make even the smallest change.

If we could access live parameters of selected items like GH does and then build a standalone UI using unreal or unity then the options to create amazing custom UI’s are truly endless.

I could go to an Archicad developer and build this functionality all over again but that seems crazy when GH has already done it.

Is there anyway aspects of this ‘GS-AC Link’ add-on code could be purchased for use in a standalone object parameter access add-on? I would expect it not to be to dissimilar to what it currently is, apart from providing an intermediate 2 way parameter file that can be read/write by a bit of external software.

If anyone can provide some help/advice on the best way to achieve this that would be great.

I’ve given up expecting AC to chase future possibilities so I will chase them myself.



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Hello my fellow Archicadian,

Let me give you a resume,

  1. As a GDL scripter I say that the size of the GUI of different object libraries can, and should be reconfigured from with in the GDL script.

  2. If you have gone to the ArchiCAD-Talk forum you may have seen other people that were dealing with the same issue, but for other reasons, mainly because the screen sizes and pixel densities have increased enormously (specially on Apple PC side), I believe that they have dealt with throughout 2018.

  3. If you have have downloaded the last User Guide for Grasshopper-ARCHICAD 2.2 Live Connection (in the time that I´m writing this reply) you will see that yes you can access objects’ parameters values from with in Grasshopper (see page 83), but in order to have access, you need to edit you library objects’ to permit Grasshopper to access the parameters.

  4. By the way, the size of accessed parameters in Grasshopper is not as big as you may wish.

  5. You may also try to apply a magnifying scale with in WIndows OS.

Best regards