ArchiCad 24 to Rhino 7 export

Hi everyone!

I am trying to export my file from ArchiCad 24 to Rhino7. Even though I am exporting a hybrid model as Breps and Meshes, in Rhino I still have lots of blocks. Is is possible to have file from ArchiCad in Rhino in a form of breps? Or should I ExplodeBlock each of them?

Thank you!

ExplodeBlock > All will explode down to the components.

There are a lot of geometric objects in Archicad that are meshes. So those will stay meshes in Rhino. There are ways to convert Meshes to Breps in Rhino 7, I normally use Quadremesh for some of this, but it depends on the need for the model. It is not mathematically simple to convert meshes to Breps in a meaningful way without some decisions and intervention by the designer…

Normally in the design BIM workflow if BREPS are needed for everything then the model might want to start in Rhino, then converted to Archicad for the BIM/Drawing portion. This way the accurate BREP geometry is available in Rhino for fabrication and other processes downstream.

Is this helpful?