Applying Patterns to Organic Surfaces

cover and (4.7 MB)

I want to apply a pattern to these organic, divided organic surfaces. What should I do?
Most of the time, I want to map pattern data, not image file mapping. thank you for the reply.

Hi -

You should provide more information. Upload your 3dm file, explain what type of pattern and the purpose of applying it. Perhaps a texture will do?


Thank you very much for your reply. Edited as you said. I look forward to your reply ^^ Thank you.

what is the design - intend ?
how do you want to wrap those pyramids arround this corner / edges ?
i think the overall shape and the texture should somehow fit to each other…

what is the purpose of the data ?
if you just need it for visualization or 3d-Print a displacement map would be a easy option.

otherwise you can experiment with Quadremesh → toSubd → to Nurbs → FlowAlongSrf

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Dear tom_p, Your solution has been very helpful to me. First of all, I want to map the corners of the model uniformly. Second, the purpose of mapping is for high-precision 3D printing. Therefore, using “displacement map” would be a good alternative, but since I want to extract various patterns neatly, the goal is to map direct ‘pattern modeling’.
There are many ways to project a pattern onto a single organic face, but I’m curious how to get the option to map freely onto a divided face.
Thanks for the kind reply, and
I’m sorry my English is not good.