Pattern on organic surface distorted

Hi I want to model a vent grid on an organic shape and the circle pattern starts to distort. I used UV curves to apply the pattern onto the surface. What could be a solution to keep the circle pattern everywhere?

The pattern is perfect on the top:

But distorts on the sides:

I tried to rebuild the surface with more control points but doesnt helps.

Thank you in advance!
pattern issue.3dm (790.3 KB)

Hi Adam - please post a file with the target surfaces and the pattern you’re using.



Looks like you have a smaller grid than you need to cover all the surface. As Pascal said, a 3dm file and some boundary to show the area and direction of distribution will be very helpful.


In the FlowAlongSurface command, maybe you can try Rigid = Yes

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Hi Pascal, file attached in the updated post. Thanks a lot for the help!

Thanks Miled I will check it!

Hi Rajaa, Thanks for the help I updated the file

What do you mean by that? Can you include a sketch of the desired result?