Help With Mapping a complex pattern to 3d Voronoi Breps without losing porportions

To Anyone That is Willing to Help,

I created an organic shape in Rhino, then using the populate geo, 3d voronoi, solid intersection etc… I got some breps. I then found a really cool islamic patter GH file on the forum, spent a whole load of learing how it works and have manipulated to where I happy. I now want to apply it to the following surfaces of the breps and without warping it - almost as it were a material.

I have tried surface morph and map to surface… repeatedly. This is the closest I can get.

I would welcome any suggestions and help.



1.3dm (599.8 KB) (17.5 KB)

Hi this is not possible geometrically. No distortion would mean planar parts and it is more than likely not possible to wrap those curved surfaces as planar faces geometrically without gaps. The closest thing you could do is a series if tendentious projections to at least have things look undistroted in the projection plane.

Thank you for you speedy reply! is it possible to do it surface by surface then? I still end up with the same issue though. I know I have seen people correctly map patterns to surfaces.


Unroll your geometry, make the patterns on the flat faces and wrap to the 3d faces, as usual the difficult part will be corner conditions.