Best way to apply pattern to surface/solid


I’m fairly new to Rhino. I’m trying to find the most efficient way to apply a pattern to a surface/solid. An example:

My guess is to project the pattern onto the surface and then extrude. The problem is that the projection will end up with open curves:

And then if I extrude the curves…

Is there a different method that would provide me with the results I’m after?


Two thoughts come to mind, use CurveBoolean with the pattern curves and a border curve representing the extents the pattern will reach on the sole. Then project that result for the extrusions. Or extrude all the pattern curves flat and use Wirecut with a closed curve as seen from the top view to trim off the excess. If the sole is bent, you can also do an additional Wirecut from the side view after that. These are guesses without seeing a file though so post one if you can and I’m sure you’ll get more feedback. In general, there are at least six ways to do anything :wink:

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Thanks Brian for the help.

I tried the CurveBoolean, and it seemed fine:

But after projected it still gives me open curves:

As for the other suggestion I don’t understand what you mean by “extrude all the pattern curves flat”. Could you elaborate? Anyway I’m attaching the file for more clarity.

patternOnSurface.3dm (2.8 MB)

Here’s the workflow using Wirecut after making the ~600 extrusions. I sped up the calculation in the video. Selecting the objects to Wirecut first lets you select multiples easily.

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Thank you very much for the video Brian, I was able to follow your instructions:

After I made a BooleanUnion and was able to create a clean closed polysurface. Again, thank you. Cheers! :grinning:

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